Contribution to Your Learning and Learning Community

Contribution to Your Learning and the Learning Community

Concepts of Educational Technology (5302) is not the first class in my master’s program where I contributed to my learning as well as to the learning community.  While I was not asked to write a “Contribution to Your Learning and Learning Community” for my first master’s degree, I did contribute to my learning in an informal learning community. Overall, what worked for me was keeping a tight schedule. In addition to teaching full time, I work 2 part time jobs and I am the Student Council Advisor on my campus.  The last three weeks my student council has hosted a Joy Prom on my campus for all special needs children in my district,  I chaperoned the Senior Prom and I have proctored 2 STAAR Exams; this in addition to teaching full time, tutoring in the evenings and working at a hotel on the weekends.  As a result, I did not always post in the discussion board in a timely fashion.  In fact, I am pretty sure I did not post in every discussion board in 5302; however, I will say that in my group, we did have some informal discussions about the topics, videos and the readings. My assignments were all turned in on time.  My previous class, I was unable to get together with another group to collaborate, receive and provide constructive feedback  However, for 5302, I was able to create a study group of my own with Syeda and Janelle.  I was excited to finally be a part of a learning group for this course.  We met on Zoom once, and after that we emailed, or texted each other when we needed to reach out. 

While I firmly believe I exhibit the qualities of a leader, as I currently hold a leadership position on my campus and I have held several leadership positions in other districts,  I do not feel this course afforded me the opportunity to showcase my leadership. However, as I reflect, I could have taken more initiative with the study group that I became a part of.

 All in all, I do find my contributions to be an integral of my learning. Through constructive criticism, I helped to make my group more collaborative and I am hoping to do so even more in the next class. However, when I received feedback, I tended to relegate it and move along with my original purpose.  I do feel as though I could have invested more time about concerns that my colleagues had about my work.  

Score 85 - All of the key contributions were met.  One of the supporting contributions was not met.

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