What's Your Why? 

Why  - I believe that when students are in engaged in student centered learning, using technology, they can critically and analytically reflect on their work and build an online resource that can help with their career or college advancement

How  - I am working with the ELA department head and the ELA Instructional Coach, along with our building technology department,  to implement an e-Portfolio component to students ELA classes. 

What  - I am creating life long learners through the use of e-Portfolios that will allow students to take ownership of their work.   


Kotter's videos, "Heart of Change" and "Leading Change: Establish a Sense of Urgency," offer valuable insights into how the "Why" statement can be leveraged to deeply connect with stakeholders and foster a sense of urgency. In these videos, Kotter emphasizes the importance of tapping into the emotional aspect of change management. The "Why" statement serves as a powerful tool to communicate the core purpose and rationale behind a proposed change, resonating with stakeholders' hearts and igniting a sense of urgency.


Crafting a compelling "Why" statement involves articulating the fundamental reasons for change in a way that resonates emotionally with stakeholders. By touching on their values, concerns, and aspirations, the "Why" statement becomes more than just a rationale; it becomes a rallying cry that speaks directly to the heart. This emotional connection is pivotal in generating enthusiasm, commitment, and a shared understanding of the change's significance. As Kotter suggests, this emotional resonance creates a sense of urgency rooted in a genuine desire to contribute to something meaningful.


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