The Influencer Model 

Desired Goal:  My innovation plan is to pilot an e-Portfolio initiative in English 2 with the hope of adapting it department-wide in the future.  By using e-Portfolios, students will be able to curate their writing assignments, multimedia projects, and reflective pieces, allowing them to analyze the growth and development of their writing over time. This not only provides students with a valuable digital portfolio, but it also helps them to develop valuable skills, such as organization, collaboration, and communication, which are critical for success in the 21st-century workplace (Turkle, 2011).  This would also be a tool that students would be able to use as they transition to post-secondary education. 

 Measurement Strategy:  Because this is a pilot program, there will be three phases of implementation.  Each implementation will have a different measurement strategy.

Organizational Influencers:  Administrators, Innovation/Implementation Team, Department Head, Technology Specialist, Instructional Coach.



Turkle, S. (2011). The Flight from Conversation. The New York Times.



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