Contribution to Your Learning and the Learning Community

EDLD 5304, Leading Organizational Change, is not the first class in my master’s program where I contributed to my learning as well as to the learning community.  While I was not asked to write a “Contribution to Your Learning and Learning Community” for my first master’s degree, I did contribute to my learning in an informal learning community. Overall, what has worked for me was keeping a tight schedule, however, this semester I have been pleasantly surprised that I was able to stay on task. I took on a new position at school this year; I went from teaching a core content class (English 2), to being an Interventionist and the filled the role as Student Council Advisor.  I was initially concerned that having such a big change in my daily routine to implement, would also make it difficult to keep a routine with this program.   As someone who struggles with anxiety and ADHD, having a consistent routine is essential to my mental health.  The biggest thing I struggled with during this class, was that I did not always post in the discussion board in a timely fashion.  Discussion boards have been an issue for me throughout this program, and I am not exactly sure why. 

However, I will say that in my learning community, we did have some informal discussions about the topics, videos and the readings. When I was enrolled in 5302, I was able to become a part of a learning community with Syeda and Janelle.  I was excited to finally be a part of a learning group, because my first class in this program I was unable to find a group.  We met on Zoom once, and after that we emailed, or texted each other when we needed to reach out. Syedaa was extremely helpful to me, when trying to navigate my website.  Unfortunately, neither of us are enrolled in the same classes this semester, but we have all taken classes that they other is taking, so we were able to still help each other out with assignments.

All in all, I do find my contributions to be an integral of my learning. Through constructive criticism, I helped to make my group more collaborative, and I am hoping to do so even more in the next class. However, when I received feedback, I tended to relegate it and move along with my original purpose.  I do feel as though I could have invested more time about considerations that my colleagues had about my work. 


Score 85 - All of the key contributions were met.  One of the supporting contributions was not met. (I did not complete the discussion posts)


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